About Us

3 Points Productions is a film and entertainment production service company that was founded in 2021 by Michael Carlo Allen and Francesco Torre. 

 Our passion for filmmaking is as strong as our passion for Trapani Province. 

Our background starts in sports broadcast and filmmaking. 

Michael Carlo Allen, director, is a 6 time Emmy Winning Sports Television producer and editor working for ESPN, Disney, CBS, and NBC collecting awards for the highest profile sporting events in the world including The Winter and Summer Olympics, The Super Bowl, Wimbledon, The US Open, and The College Football Championship. 

Francesco Torre is an actor graduated from the National Academy of Art of Ancient Drama in Syracuse and producer and has worked with the highest profile clients in the fashion world including Dolce Gabbana, Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Moncler. 

Together, as 3 Points Productions, Michael and Francesco have produced three Short Films, one Feature Film, and a Documentary Series all in the past two years since they’ve started. 

Their documentary series “Mike Loves Sicily” premiered at the Taormina Film Festival and their short film “My Dear Salvatore” has won numerous awards around the world in the festival circuit. 

The feature length film “Sound of the Island”, which was filmed in and is about Trapani, has just recently won “Best Film” in multiple festivals in America.

"Non fermarti a quello che vedi, osservalo e raccontalo"

3 Points Productions

Via Fontanieri, 10 - 91100 - Trapani (TP)

+39 389 614 4413 +1 (716) 563-0221 +39 328 827 4549

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